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Sunday, October 27, 2013

GOP Rep. to Obama: 'You Lie!'

Its clear now that Obama always wanted Obamacare to Insure Illegals. His Immigration reform bill he pushes does just that. Joe Wilson was correct when yelling out, "You Lie".  Obama is full of lies about his unhealthycare plan. Keep your insurance if you like it? Lie! Save $2500 on your plan. Most cases thats a lie. In fact most will be paying much higher costs with deductibles being beyond belief.

Illegals will get coverage under Obamacare. And they wont pay much for it as they will be the ones getting covered for almost nothing as the rest of middle class will be the ones paying for it. Everytime Obama gives one of his lying speeches, he always claims to be on the side of the Middle Class. We know better don't we? You in the middle class are getting screwed. Oh and getting screwed isn't covered under Obamacare. lol 

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