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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Blonde of Youtube censored!

From Vlad Tepes Blog
I am shocked. The videos by that sweet and honest and soft spoken woman in France that spoke what so many millions of people feel inside about France, mass immigration and Islam and in a polite and factual way has been censored by Youtube. I am having difficulty believing it as there is no actual reasonable grounds for doing so. No copyright issue, no vulgarity, no incitement to violence. Just criticism of a retrograde and totalitarian ideology, Islam, and criticism of a government policy which is not only a basic right but actually an obligation in a democracy.
I will try and post the salient facts from Ripostelaique: where this information is from. Thank you M for sending it our way.
Riposte was going to write an article about her third video linked here, but lo and behold, it is unavailable.
Apparently, its the same for the two videos that Team Vlad translated and titled in English and posted here last week.
The links to the originals are here and here.
Oddly, our titled and translated versions are still up on youtube. But perhaps that is because one only has 3000+ views and the other 24,000 views and change while her original ones had hundreds of thousands. So it would appear that, at least at the moment, Youtube may have a policy of free speech providing no one is actually listening. In which case you can say what you want. But the moment that it may have influence, well, better get rid of it right away.
Here are the two we did, which others have downloaded and reposted elsewhere on YT. Back in the day, that used to work on YT and Pat Condell who at one point was also censored had so many mirrors of his videos up that Google gave up and allowed him his channel back. However they now can tell instantly if a mirror of a forbidden video is up. This one is titled so the code is slightly different but once they catch on all mirrors of it will be down and Ill post them to MRCTV.
Apparently, according to Riposte, there are mirrors out there of her third video. If anyone can find it please let me have a link ASAP and I will endeavor to get one of our tireless and fearless translators (Oz-Rita you busy tonight?) to get it ready for us all.
I highly recommend Vlad's blog if your interested in knowing more about the evils of Islam and how the powers to be continue to try and silence those who speak the truth about Islam.