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Monday, August 12, 2013

Sequestering, Why Hasn't There Been Any Foreign Aid Cuts?


I haven’t read of a single $1 reduction in foreign aid as a result of
sequestering. All items cut were for the express purpose of hurting the
American taxpayer, working people the most!

Democrats & Republicans ('different' ONLY in name)

We read all the jokes & fwd the good ones, but I just wonder who will pass
this one on.

How about U sending it on -- do U have enuf 'chutzpah' to do so?
I do!

Someone please tell me what the hell is wrong w/ all the people that run
this country!

Both Democrats & Republicans say "We're broke" & can't help our own:
Seniors * Veterans * Orphans * Homeless * Etc.

But, over the last several yrs THEY have provided direct cash aid to.....
Hamas - $351M,
Libya - $1.45B,
Egypt - $397M,
Mexico - $622M,
Russia - $380M,
Haiti - $1.4B,
Jordan - $463M,
Kenya - $816M,
Sudan - $870M,
Nigeria - $456M,
Uganda - $451M,
Congo - $359M,
Ethiopia - $981M,
Pakistan - $2B,
So. Africa - $566M,
Senegal - $698M,
Mozambique - $404M,
Zambia - $331M,
Kazakhstan - $304M,
Iraq - $1.08B,
Tanzania - $554M,
– w/ literally Billions of Dollars & they still hate us!

But, on the other hand, our retired seniors, living on a 'fixed income',
receive NO aid!
Nor do they get any breaks, while our govt & religious orgs will pour
hundreds of billions of $$$$$$'s & tons of food to foreign countries!

Someone needs to explain to them that charity begins AT HOME!

&, another atrocity.... we have hundreds of adoptable American children who
are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans.
AMERICA: A country where we have countless homeless w/out shelter, children
going to bed hungry, elderly going w/out needed medication & the mentally
ill w/out treatment – etc.

Yet – they’ll have a 'benefit' show for the people of Haiti, on 12 TV
stations; ships & planes lining up w/ food, water, tents clothes, bedding,
doctors & medical supplies.

Now just imagine if our own *GOVT* gave 'US' the same support they give to
foreign countries.
Sad, isn't it?

99% of people won't have the 'chutzpah' to fwd this.

Well, I'm one of the 1% who just did.