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Monday, August 26, 2013

Are You Syria-ous?

The Camp of the Saints
26 August, 2013
Let’s see…
On one side is a Muslim regime that supports terrorist organizations.
On the other are Muslim terrorists who want to erect a more ‘pure’ Mohammedin regime.
Each side is killing the members of the other side.
Nations of The West are saying The United States should get involved in the conflict.
Let the barbarians kill each other — and I say let them do so with impunity.
Sometimes it best if the policeman [of the world] looks the other way.
SIDENOTE: The only possible reason I would advocate America intervene is if Ladd Ehlinger’s speculation is correct…
…otherwise, please pop more popcorn and pour me another bourbon, darling — three fingers, straight, no chaser.

I have to agree with this conclusion. The rebels in Syria are Al-Qaeda, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood working side by side. Why in heavens should we arm them? Who's to say they didn't gas the citizens just to get the support of the world on their side. Well most of the free world. I would rather they fight it out between themselves. Nobody says war is pretty. If the US does get more involved, can we then call this Obama's war?