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Monday, August 26, 2013


From WND Diversions
August 26, 2013
A West Virginia minister says he received a divine revelation this month as he caught on camera what he believes is one of God’s holy angels.
Charles Shelton of Charleston, W.V., says it was early on the morning of Aug. 4 when he awoke and felt an urgent need to pray for his neighborhood.
Shelton had recently installed a surveillance system for his home, with a security camera posted outside.
Shelton, who turns 48 Sept. 1, says as he was praying, “I was sent to go to the monitor. And when I went to the monitor I appeared to see the angel of the Lord coming through the wall.”

The strange phenomenon was recorded, displaying a brilliant ball of light that approaches Shelton’s home, appears to enter through the wall to his living room, and then exits a few seconds later. The large circular light then returns and approaches the home a second time at a slightly different angle.

“I waited and wondered what went on, and I was astonished about this light,” he told the Charleston Daily Mail. “I said, ‘Man that must be the presence of the Lord.’ It’s kind of hard to figure out what was going on but the Lord said for me to come down there and pray. When I began to pray and saw that light, I said, ‘Lord, you blew my mind.’”

Some skeptics told Shelton, who has worked for UPS for 27 years, that the event may have been caused by a light or insect near his home, but Shelton is convinced an angel was present.