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Monday, July 1, 2013

Pamela Geller and WND Column Banned in UK


Photo: Woolwich, Armed Forces Day, June 29, 2013 at the site of young soldier Lee Rigby's beheading
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Banned in Britain 
Exclusive: Pamela Geller reacts to U.K. forbidding her entry
I have been banned in Britain. My crime? My principled dedication to freedom. I am a human rights activist dedicated to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and individual rights for all before the law. I fiercely oppose violence and the persecution and oppression of minorities under supremacist law. I deplore violence and work for the preservation of freedom of speech to avoid violent conflict.
I have never been convicted of any crime. I have never been arrested. I became a writer and activist in the wake of 9/11.
For this, my colleague Robert Spencer and I are banned. I shed no tears. I am banned from Mecca, too.
The British Home Secretary, Theresa May, said that my being in the U.K. was “not conducive to the public good.” In fact, banning those who speak in defense of freedom is “not conducive to the public good.” It is painfully apparent that the action of the British authorities will have the opposite effect of what they had intended. They have lit a fuse.
It is also worth noting that in all this media coverage of the banning of Spencer and me, not one media outlet had me on to discuss it. Not one. If what I say is so egregious, why not expose me? The last thing the enemedia want is for people to hear what I have to say – because most rational, freedom-loving people would agree. Channel 4 contacted me for an interview and then canceled shortly thereafter.
Further, not once in all of the media accounts were we identified accurately. We oppose jihad. We are counter jihad. Despite all the column inches, not once is that even mentioned. We are not anti-Muslim. We oppose an ideology that calls for holy war, misogyny, persecution and oppression of nonbelievers. I don’t care who or what you worship. You can worship a stone; just don’t stone me with it. This is very clear. But the media’s twisted and colorful descriptions of us include “anti-Muslim,” “anti-Islam,” “anti-Ground Zero mosque campaigners,” “right-wing activists,” “hatemongers,” “Islamophobic bloggers,” “anti-Muslim pair.”
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Nice going UK, once again Muslims get their way by beheading a brave UK soldier in the streets of Britian. Instead of taking action against the Jihadists that want to force Sharia law on all of the UK, the weak kneeded politicians take away any freedom of speech that might have been left. Of course Muslims will continue to be allowed to trample on the British flag, and continue to attack innocent people and rape young British girls. Speaking out against this is now considered taboo. The UK has indeed submitted to Islam.