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Friday, July 12, 2013

Amnesty bill more than triples number of Afghans to U.S.

July 12, 2013
Taxation for Islamization via Immigration bill quietly opens U.S. to Afghans.
TEL AVIV – The text of the Senate’s immigration-reform bill contains a small section that increases by more than threefold the number of Afghans eligible for immigration to the U.S. under a special asylum program, WND has learned.
The legislation also further expands the previously strict qualifications for immigration from Afghanistan and allows for more family members to join admitted asylum seekers.
Page 450 of the 1,190 page immigration bill amends what is known as the 2009 Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program. That program, set to expire this year, is now extended to 2018 by the immigration bill.
Read the bill here.
The special program previously allotted up to 1,500 visas for Afghans each year. The new immigration bill increases the visa quota to up to 5,000 Afghans per year, a difference detected by reading both the bill and the previous program.
The strict requirements of the previous program granted visas only to Afghan nationals employed by or on behalf of the U.S. government in Afghanistan on or after Oct. 7, 2001, for a period of one year or more. All applicants were required to demonstrate that they faced security threats due to their employment with the U.S.
The immigration bill now extends the qualifications beyond only those employed by the U.S. government.
The new legislation admits Afghans who worked for media or non-governmental organizations headquartered in the U.S.
Also now qualified are Afghans employed by “an organization or entity closely associated with the United States mission in Afghanistan that has received United States Government funding through an official and documented contract, award, grant, or cooperative agreement.”
The former program granted visas to the spouses of those who qualified for asylum as well as to unmarried children younger than age 21.
The new bill now expands the asylum to siblings and parents.
Considering the number of deadly attacks on Americans by Afghans working with or for the U.S. in Afghanistan, vetting Afghanis is a game of roulette. Not to mention they’ll immediately go on food stamps, Obamacare and receive other taxpayer funded welfare.
 Keep in mind that Obama has already imported several thousand Syrians and approved10,000 more Syrians to America.
See that banner up top with a phone number? See the new link below it? Click it and read it then call your elected officials.
Tell them – America first, American workers first, protect our borders, stop importing from terrorist countries and stop funding Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.