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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

UK high school students waiting for bus attacked by Muslim gang members

Bare Naked Islam
June 13, 2013

Youtube has banned the video and the UK media are trying to keep this out of public view. According to eyewitness reports, just before the fighting started, one of the Muslims punched a white girl in the face. One boy tries to protect the girls being attacked but he was alone against three or more older guys.

Vlad Tepes  A comment under the video from a friend of the kids who were attacked says: “Directly behind where this was filmed is a mosque. It’s a rough area and a lot of anti-white racist attacks go on there all the time. The white girl is screaming in terror – even saying “excuse me” to get the attention of the person who has just punched her friend – and the boys, instead of retaliating when they get a cricket bat swung at them, try and hold the Muslims back instead of punching them, before getting scissor kicked against a bus stop.”