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Sunday, June 9, 2013


June 6, 2013
We all have built-in boiling points. When they’re reached, politesse is deactivated and heated emotions bubble to the surface.
Fox News’ Neil Cavuto hit that critical temperature Saturday morning when interviewing Democratic strategist Julian Epstein.
Neil Cavuto Rips Julian Epstein Over His Obama Spy Scandal Defense
(Credit: YouTube)
Cavuto offered that the Obama administration is responsible for an overarching pattern of freedom and privacy erosion.
“What part of Custer don’t you understand here? Where you’re surrounded, and you see one incident after another that comes up,” Cavuto said. “And It all comes back to the same basic issue: privacy invaded or potentially invaded. Institutions of all sorts doing pretty much the same thing. There is a pattern.”
Epstein quickly dismissed Cavuto’s assertions: “If you want to conflate and combine all these issues and then make these general statements, you can do that. I just don’t think it’s a very thoughtful way to approach it.”
Attempting to interject into Epstein’s talking points with no luck, Cavuto’s kettle started whistling.
Neil Cavuto Rips Julian Epstein Over His Obama Spy Scandal Defense
(Credit: YouTube)
“Why don’t you think about what I just said!” Cavuto hollered. “Julian! I’m telling you, drop the liberal thing and focus on the reality thing. You have one entity after another going after the American people. You have one system of government, one agency, one department after another essentially doing the same thing. You can call that ‘conflating.’ I am telling you there is a pattern and…I guarantee, Julian, if it was George Bush doing it, you’d rightly be all over it.”
“You can’t conflate all these issues,” Epstein repeated; Cavuto shook his head in response. “You have to speak about them differently. In the case of the IRS, I agree the targeting is wrong, but there was never any connection to the White House. Nobody has proven that.”
Someone off-camera said Epstein “would make a lousy reporter.”
“I’m not going to get anywhere arguing this point,” Cavuto said. “You are saying nothing, and it’s offensive. It’s annoying how obnoxious you can be on the reality. I’m not going to play this game with you, Julian! You play the same damn game…”
“You’re playing Obama hater game and not backing it up with facts,” Epstein tried to say over Cavuto, but by that point the host yelled to “cut his damn mic!” and pretty much ended things.
Here’s the clip of all the fireworks:
(H/T: Mediaite)