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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Newtown Voters Reject Budget Hiring Security Guards for Schools

April 26, 2013

School Security
Newtown Voters Reject Budget Hiring Security Guards for Schools
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News
Washington DC - -( Newtown voters on Tuesday rejected town and school budgets that contained an extra $770,000 to cover the cost of hiring new police officers and security guards for Newtown’s public and private schools.
The $72 million school budget was defeated by 482 votes, and the $39 million town government budget was defeated by 62.
Together, the plans represented a five percent increase in funding for the next fiscal year.
Newtown has been in a recession, so some city officials said they weren’t surprised the bigger budget was defeated.
Legislative Council chairman Jeff Capeci said: “At the end of the day, Newtown voters thought it was too much of an increase.”
A second, revised budget is expected to be introduced for a vote soon.
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Well I guess they can buy more of those Gun Free Zone signs and feel safer again. What about allowing the teachers after being given training to carry a weapon or at least have one in their desk. All that talk about how they wanted to secure their schools by taking guns away from law obiding citizens. Talk is cheap. When it comes to spending your own money, they showed whats really important to them. Its certainly not their children.  Maybe they expected Obama to fund the new cops? Oh but then thats not really Obama's money he's been wasting hopping around the country on his Anti Second Amendment trips. Its tax payers money he was using.