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Saturday, April 6, 2013


The Financial Armageddon
History doesn`t just happen in black and white! What F.E.M.A. region do you live in? Sheeple of Amerika...4..3..2..1..Wake up!! 

"The death of one good man is a tragedy, the death of thousands a statistic." -Stalin- I was thinking what would it take to implement this plan and get people to co-operate with as little resistance as possible if I was in power with unlimited resources and some top secret technology? The thing to do would be keep the majority of the people in terror and fear in the world first with a few "Natural Disasters" taking out the majority of 3rd world countries population, then while the rest of the world responds with Humanitarian Aid to the areas hit, begin an assault on the West through a combination of Natural Disasters and Terrorist Attacks causing an already stunned population more anxiety and trauma making them pliable to co-operate under the guise of help, shelter, and safety. It is the only way they can make this a reality. Extreme fear drives even the most knowledgeable to do things they wouldn't agree to in a calm state. I can not believe that the U.S. is alone on this.