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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Calderdale, England: An Unexpected Islamic Cess-Pit

Jewish Defence League  

MP Linda Riordan

Yet again, Calderdale is flagged up as a place in England where Islamic supremacists are testing the limits of THEIR free speech/Sharia law.

After being exposed herehere and here, we now have more evidence of Islamic supremacy and contempt for decency in Calderdale, thanks to Jihadwatch

UK: Letter linked to government-approved Islamic school: "If you do not attend this meeting your child will die"  

The letter was actually warning that Muslim children were being made to do things that were against Islam -- and that that was "more serious than death." What hope can there be for assimilation of Muslim minorities when such things are said? "Letter linked to government-approved Halifax Islam school: ‘If you do not attend this meeting your child will die,’" by John Roberts for the Yorkshire Post, April 2 (thanks to Twostellas):
The document was sent to homes in Halifax by the Sunniyy School which is run by a group with connections to the proposed Northern Lights Primary Free School being planned in the town.
 This "school" - most probably more like a Madrassa - teaching how to hate non-muslims, carry out Jihad and obey the Koran unquestioningly - although a government-sponsored "free school" will be ONLY for Muslims
It came to light after parents and staff at state schools gave it to Calderdale Council and MPs to raise concerns about the possible link between the free school group and the Sunniyy School.
 Now the town’s MP Linda Riordan is demanding the Government launches an inquiry.
A “COMPLETELY inappropriate” letter warning parents that a meeting was “more serious than death” has been sent out by an Islamic group with links to a free school which has been given the initial go-ahead by the Government.
The letter said:
 “If it was said to us ‘If you do not attend this meeting your child will die’ I am certain we would all make sure that we attend the meeting. What I am about to address (in Islam) is even more serious than death and that is for us and our children to be safe on the Day of Judgement. There have been several incidents recently where children in various settings have been forced to do things against Islam.”
The Northern Lights Educational Trust – the company behind the plan for the free school in Halifax – said the letter was not “issued, endorsed or supported” by them.

The Sunniyy School’s director Akeel Ayub said it took sole responsibility for the letter which it has since apologised for. (....) He said his organisation has no formal connection with the Northern Lights free school and said the letter and meeting were not connected to it. 
 The second letter from Mr Ayub apologises for “any anxiety caused by a letter that was in parts poorly expressed and indelicate”. The original Sunniyy School letter was dated November 16 last year....

Poorly expressed and indelicate? So that is what Muslims consider death threats? If he knew that, as he no doubt did, in the first place, why use those words?


Because he was just practising, just getting people used to the Sharia form of address to non-Mozlems. 

WE are sick of being forced to do things which are against Judaeo-Christianity!!!  Filthy muslim  habits of Halal: torture of animals, filthy Sharia law of child rape and prostitution, female genital mutilation, honour killings, daily bullying and attacks by gangs of muslims, women and men.

Message to MP Linda Riordan: the government will do nothing. You need to link up with anti-Jihadists otherwise you will quickly find your world has disappeared under a pile of dead and mutilated bodies.... and Islam!!!

More here and here:

(PS: the name of the school involved, "The Northern Lights", could easily be taken from Phillip Pullman's novel of that name. The parallels continue with its reversal of Milton's story of Satan, Paradise Lost, the denigration of Christianity and the sexualisation of young girls.