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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sequester Cuts Begin, On List: White House Tours and Army Tuition, Off List: Obama Vacations

Vision to America 

After months of “sky is falling” rhetoric the sequester came and went. The consequences of the sequester on the economy… better? But we should be concerned with where the White House has chosen to make budgetary cuts: military education… CUT, White House tours for school kids… CUT, Obama vacations… KEPT!

The truth is I’m not surprised. We have seen Obama take many golf trips on our dime, and have become numb to it. So far Obama has made 115 golf trips while in less than 4 years. This equals to almost 30 times a year. This coming from the guy who says he “will not rest until we have generated the jobs needed to grow the economy”
Here is what Charles Krauthammer had to say on the subject: “So I suggest that perhaps he curtailed the travel, or perhaps auction off the set of clubs and he might be able to allow those Iowa tots to come through the White House,” Krauthammer added. “I’m not cynical enough – I’m trying.” 
What? you really expected Obama and his fat ass wife to cut their vacation schedule? LOL Dictators don't follow the rules others have to. Its ok to gut the Military and close down the White Mosque. I woudn't mind Obama and his wife going off on a long vacation. Just don't come back.