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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whoa! Shocking Video — Bulgarian Opposition Leader Survives Assassination Attempt After Gun Misfires

Gateway Pundit
January 19, 2013

Ahmed Dogan, leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, survived an assassination attempt today during a party conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The assassin’s gun misfired giving the opposition leader time jump out of the way and for security guards to jump the man.

The would-be assassin was identified as Oktay Enimemehmedov, a 25-year-old ethnic Turkish resident of the city of Burgas, with a previous criminal record for assault and theft.
The Daily Mail reported:
A Bulgarian politician today survived an extraordinary assassination attempt when a man stormed the stage and held a gun to his head as he was giving a speech.
Fortunately for Ahmed Dogan, leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, the weapon misfired giving him time to react and hit the would-be assassins hand out of the way.
Before he can attempt a second shot the unidentified suspect is tackled to the ground by security guards and delegates attending the conference in Sofia.
Ahmed Dogan, founder and leader of the Bulgarian ethnic Turkish party DPS (Movement for Rights and Freedoms), resigned four hours after an attempt was made on his life.