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Sunday, January 27, 2013

"What Difference Does It Make?" - aka "The Hillary Shuffle"

It make a great deal of difference. Trying to hide the truth from Americans makes a great deal of difference. Denying the truth to the families of those four men who died when they pleaded many times for more security makes a big difference. Accept the fact Hillary, you Fuxxed up bigtime. It wasn't your superiors that are now on a paid leave of absence who are to blame. The buck stops at your desk. You can't shove the guilt under a rug. Benghazi wasn't an embassy in vienna or some place where violence wouldn't be expected. Benghazi was in Libya where violence was taking place on a daily basis. Other countries had pulled their people out but you Hillary let Stevens remain their to die. His blood and the blood of the other three brave souls is and always will be on your hands.