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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Texas secession movement gains traction

The Financial Armageddon
Why Petition the White House? Just do it. It's never going to be peaceful. Obaaama usurper won't allow it. Why do you think he hasn't answered by now.But he does thank you for registering at the White House website to sign the Petition with your name address, city, state to add to the list of American citizens he will have arrested under the NDAA.
Cary Wise, Executive Director of the Texas Nationalist Movement appeared on Fox News Saturday to discuss his group's growing movement to secede from the United States. According to Cary, "people are frightened, people are scared," and that's why the secessionist movement is expanding so rapidly. Cary noted that the group's website has received over 3 million hits since November. "People understand that we have a federal government that he is completely out of control," he said. "People need to be heard." RELATED: Megyn Kelly Panel Battles Over Whether The States Could Legally Secede From U.S. Cary told host Uma Pemmaraju that among the reasons for his movement were that "political freedom" and "cultural freedom" have been lost. Concerns about the economy were also high on his list. Cary said he believed the country was heading towards "certain coming disaster" and that although Texas Governor Rick Perry isn't supportive of the movement, it will continue on without him. "The state of Texas has a constitution," Cary added. "And our constitution said that all political power is inherent in the people." Watch the full clip below, via Fox News: