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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Biden on Gun Control

Keep talking Joe. And why are you calling a semi automatic an assault weapon? The longer Biden talks the more dumb he looks. But we all know what a dumb shit he really is. Joe claims a shotgun is more effective against an intruder. What if there are more then one and you miss with your first shot or second? Most hunting shotguns must be plugged so they can only be loaded with three shells.Imagine trying to reload a shotgun as compared to holding a weapon that has ten rounds or more. Both can do the job if in the hands of someone trained. Biden fails to mention that even some shotguns are going to be banned if Frankensteins plans are ever passed. What Biden and his cohorts really want are a ban on all weapons. Total confiscation eventually. Once they have that data base on all the honest citizens that have weapons, you can bet the next step will be to impliment a registration fee for each gun you own. Fail to pay that yearly fee and you will be required to turn your guns in. Violate a law, even a driving law, you will be required to turn in your guns. This can and will happen if we remain silent. These liberal jackasses want your guns. They want to control ever aspect of your life.