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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Obama's Meet The Press Interview

Zero Hedge
December 30, 2012
More GOP-bashing, more scapegoating, more "we need to raise taxes to cover a few days of spending" (and pray America's rich have never heard of Belgium), more hope and optimism, in other words more of the same, yet nothing on the last minute executive order hiking Federal spending, nothing on the myth of what really constitutes the spending "cuts", or why it is all really all about preserving the lie of a fair and efficient market: as if more than 10% of the US population actually cares where the DJIA closed on Friday. The full Obama Meet the Press interview below.

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What a piece of shit we have for a President. All he ever does is continue to push for his tax increases and never talks about any cuts in social programs. America is going over the cliff, if not next week it certainly is in a short time now that Obama has four more years to push his social agenda.  Notice how Obama never takes any blame for the mess were in. Its always blame the Republicans.