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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Man pushed to death on New York subway track was Indian, police hunt for 'mumbling' woman

December 29, 2012

New York: The New York Police is offering a reward of $12,000 for information regarding a "mumbling" woman who pushed an Indian immigrant to his death in front of a subway train here, sending shock waves among millions of commuters who use the city's expansive transit system daily. Sunando Sen, who lived in Queens and had recently opened his own printing business, was killed when the unidentified woman pushed him onto the subway tracks in front of an oncoming train on Thursday.
Witnesses said the attack happened so quickly at the Queens subway station that Sen could not react and nor could the bystanders do anything to help him. Posters by the NYPD showing a black and white picture of the suspect and seeking information about her have been pasted across subway stations in Queens.
The police said it would pay $12,000 for information leading to the "arrest and conviction" of the woman responsible for the horrific crime. The police has also released a sketch of the woman, who ran from the scene after pushing Sen unexpectedly on the train tracks.
The incident is the second in less than a month when an unsuspecting person was killed after being pushed onto the subway tracks by a fellow commuter. Police has released surveillance video of the woman running away from the station and expressed confidence that it would be able to apprehend the suspect.
"We're reasonably confident we'll be able to identify the perpetrator in this case," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. Sen had opened a printing and copying business near Columbia University here and shared a small apartment with three other roommates.
"Very sad, very sad. I can't believe it, can't believe it, this happened. Oh my God," Sen's roommate AR Suman said in a CBS report. "I'm broken, because this guy was so nice person, so quiet person, so gentle," another roommate AD Khan added. 
Second time in about a week we see such a tradegy. How long till we ban subway trains. What we have here is another example of a mentally ill person killing an innocent bystander. Isn't it time to lock up the nuts and keep them locked up. The shooter that killed two firefighters was another example of a nut that should never have been set free. Blame the liberals for their wanting to release so many mentally ill back onto the streets where they end up using anything they can find to kill us. Seems the subway train is now the choice of more then one or two. Isn't it time to ban the trains? lol