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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Guess what folks, its no different here in America. Muslims continue to be brought here by our Muslim in Chief. Most of them are put on welfare from day one. Money that you and I tax payers continue to pay for those who don't contribute anything to this country.

 Add the Millions of Illegals from South America who are receiving free education, free healthcare, free foodstamps, free welfare and you wonder why America is broke? When obama says he wants to tax more of the rich, you don't hear him calling for cuts in the welfare system?

 22 Million more have been added to the food stamps program since Obama took office. How many more will be added during his second four years? Watch the unemployment numbers moving higher in the coming months and you can bet Obama will once again blame Bush and the GOP.

 Fours years of Obama and not once did Washington put out a budget. The first two years Democrats controlled both houses and yet they never offered any budget. Its easy to continue spending other peoples money. Tax payer money that will continue to go to all those who voted for Obama and many more that continue to be allowed here. Isn't Socialism wonderful?