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Friday, November 23, 2012

Support Tommy Robinson on November 24

Bare Naked Islam
November 23, 2012

Please take a few minutes to remember and support our friend Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, who is a political prisoner being persecuted by the British government dhimmis for his anti-Islamization views. Tommy’s friends will be rallying on November 24th to protest his unfair imprisonment on trumped up charges. Please join them if you can.

EDL Mark Saturday the 24th of November in your diaries.  It’s a special day.  It’s a day when all around Europe people will be congregating at British embassies and consulates to protest at Tommy Robinson’s politically motivated imprisonment.  The EDL will be marking that day with a static protest outside Wandsworth Prison.


Here is the address of Wandsworth prison:

HMP Wandsworth
Heathfield Road
SW18 3HS

We want to make it a big event, we want the authorities to sit up and take note.  We want them to know that we know that Tommy’s arrest and remand is motivated not by a desire to uphold the law but for political reasons.  It has nothing to do with law enforcement but trying to stomp on the freedoms and rights of all free-born Britons.  How else would a man who is a clear threat to each and everyone us, who hates us with every fibre of his body walk free whilst a man who is a patriot rots in a cold, damp dungeon.  Abu Qatada should be in that prison, not our Tommy!

Tommy has travelled the length and breadth of the land in support of the various EDL divisions and their protests.  He has defied the authorities to attend demos such as Tower Hamlets when he was under restrictions.  He has unswervingly shown his support to the divisions and has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the members of the EDL; we think he deserves the same support from all divisions, all divisions from the north to the south, from the east to the west.  

We must all turn out to show Tommy our support.  He needs to know that his immoral detention is not in vain or going unrecognised by the membership. We all need to be there to let the authorities know that the EDL is alive, well and kicking and enjoys the support of thousands of people across Europe and in America and Canada as they protest on the very same day.  Don’t let Britain down, don’t let Tommy down.  Be there to shout your support, shout out ‘Bail for Tommy, Jail for Qatada’, ‘Bail for Tommy, Jail for Qatada!’

Also remember it will be Tommy’s birthday, so imagine it if 3 or 4,000 voices were to be heard echoing around that old prison.  Imagine the faces of the prison authorities as the flags and voices of the EDL are raised up high!

Be there for Saturday 24th of November, join the thousands across Europe who are preparing to make history.  Be part of the day when you can say with pride..I was there! when your children ask ‘What did you do daddy/mummy when Tommy was in Jail?’

Tommy has put pen to paper again to give us further updates on his situation whilst being incarcerated for his politically incorrect views on Islam and certain sections of the Muslim community, views that are too “troublesome” for British authorities to admit to and deal with. So troublesome are these politically incorrect issues the powers that be have only just started to take the subject of Muslim rape gangs seriously, which will no doubt be due to the pressures that we as a movement have placed upon them.

We are over the target as they say! Perhaps it’s better they try to silence and intimidate us rather than deal with the real and genuine issues we face on a daily basis?

That’s just the cowardly way out, either that or the powers that be are too scared of the Islamist menace? We certainly do not pose the same threat to national security as the backward 7th century mindset of certain sections of the Muslim community (in fact we pose no threat to national security at all), but then again we are living within a two tier system that places the rights of muslim rapists and jihadis above their victims!

What an absolutely disgraceful, diabolical and disgusting world we live in, it’s time for change, that time is now! Tommy touches on our so called religious leaders and their inherent cowardice to stand up to the backward and violent ways of Islam, his ever increasing passion and determination for our cause, and the need to face adversity head on no matter what obstacles our spineless authorities try to deter us with. He is resolute, he will not be deterred and neither should we!

So on the 24th get out to Wandsworth prison, make your voices and your numbers count, make sure you do your bit to save our democratic rights, it’s the duty of all likeminded patriots to fight for our worthy, legitimate cause.

Do not surrender to the left, do not surrender to the Islamists who are in bed with the left, and do not surrender your rights or your children’s futures! We have so much more to do, so many more battles to fight, we have so much to lose if we do nothing!