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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sharpton: REPUBLICANS To Blame For High Black, Hispanic Unemployment


Hello! Where does Al Tawaney Sharpton get his information? This guy is as clueless as an ostrich with its head in the sand. First he claims the private sector unemployment is down while he claims the public sector unemployment remains high. Is Sharpton standing on his head. Maybe sitting on it. Its just the opposite. The Public sector unemployment never did rise to the level that we have seen the Private sector rise to. Blacks got hurt more due to Obama's regulations. Sharpton talks about the bailouts and tax payer dollars going to Obama's favorite green companies that often have gone bankrupt shortly after taking their check. Yet Sharpton is blaming this all on Republicans. Hey Al, why didn't Blacks benefit from the first two years that your Black president was in office. Then Obama had both houses to work with him. What did he do besides playing golf, he pushed his job killing Obamacare that will end up killing more Black, White and Hispanic jobs. Sorry Al, you best get your head out of the sand.