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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anti-Islam ads spreading across America


These adds speak the truth. Muslims are savages. Islam is an evil ideology. What race is Islam? Can someone please tell me that. RT is a very liberal media, they won't ever tell the truth about Islam. Have we all forgotten 9/11. Fort hood Massacre?  Listen to this Muslim dingbat. He condemns Israel for trying to protect their people. It's Hamas that is sending rockets for years into Israel. He claims its not so bad a few rockets hitting Isreali  houses. Yes well someone should bomb his house. See if he feels the same way. Give me a fuxxing break. And notice he also talks about hate speech. But when a Muslim mentions hate speech, he's only talking about speech that speaks the truth about Muhammad and islam. Muslims all over the world using hate speech every day when they talk about Israel and the west.