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Sunday, October 28, 2012

BOOM! Senator Portman: We Need to Find Out if a Presidential Order Was Issued

Obama Lied, Americans Died. Whats more interesting is how the story from Obama keeps changing. For two weeks all we heard was it was a video that caused this attack. Earlier Obama never said he ordered military actions to save these folks. What really happened? I'm betting Obama sat on his hands just as he did when the folks in Iran were protesting and did nothing. Obama didn't want to call this a terrorist act so he froze at moment when he was supposed to be our commander in chief. Instead he wimped out. There is definitely more behind this story, that Obama doesn't want us to know. Where is the proof that Obama gave any orders to our Military to take action when the CIA keeps telling us they were told to stand down 

Another thought to consider is how Obama has been working with the Muslim Brotherhood and all those secret visits to the White House by those who were considered a threat to our security. Muslim extremist were visiting the White House over the past year. This has been proven. 
Could it be that Obama was willing to sacrafice our Embassador and his friends in order to push his agenda which calls for the weakening of our First Amendment rights. Why else would he continue for two weeks to blame a video. And each time he did, more Muslims all over the world took to the streets acting like savages demanding we change our first amendment to satisfy their demands. Obama went to the United Nations and supported the OIC's demand we make any speach against Islam a hate crime. Time is running out America. Some are already voting. Do you really trust our Commander in Chief? I dont. 
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