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Friday, July 20, 2012

Was Obama crying Crocodile Tears Today

In a short speech today to a crowd of his Liberal cronies, Obama used the Denver shooting as a photo-op and of course the media did its part to cover every word.  When Obama said the Federal Government was doing its job investigating the shooting, the crowd cheered.

Did Obama cry tears when the Fort Hood Jihadist shooter killed 13 and wounded 30? Obama still fails to call this an act by a Muslim extremist even with all the evidence out now that Major Hasan was openly calling for the murder of American troops that are fighting Muslims in the Middle east. Political correctness has much to play in that shooting.

 Had those in charge acted when they heard about the comments that Hasan had made openly to others, he wouldn't have been able to carry a weapon into the crowd where also due to political correctness, other military personal were not allowed to be armed on the base except for Military Police and carried out his Jihad while yelling Allah Akbar.