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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Teenagers Kidnapped and Raped by Muslim Gang

Europe news 

By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Two teenage girls ‘taken to flat and raped by gang who thought they could do as they pleased’
Two teenage girls were lured from their home town to a dingy Birmingham flat where they were subjected to a degrading weekend of sexual attacks by a group of men who "believed they could do with them as they pleased”, a court was told yesterday.
The girls, aged 15 and 16, were driven from Telford, Shropshire, to the flat by two men who used them for sex before "offering them up to their friends”.
The men said that they were part of a violent gang and "used their strength in numbers” to persuade the girls that "resistance or escape was hopeless”.
Alex Chalk, prosecuting, told a jury at Birmingham Crown Court that the six men in the dock had "not a shred of respect” for their victims, who were targeted because they had "rough edges” and came from difficult backgrounds. "These men made an assessment . . . that if they ever did complain, their backgrounds and demeanour meant they would attract little sympathy,” he said.
What ensued was a weekend of "sustained degradation and humiliation” during which the teenagers, at times sobbing and begging to be left alone, effectively became the sexual toys of their assailants. Shamrez Rashid, 20, Amar Hussain, 21, Jahbar Rafiq, 28, Adil Saleem, 21, Aqueel Rahman, 20, and Amer Islam Choudhrey, 20, each deny child abduction in relation to the 15-year-old girl, who was reported missing by her mother.
The six are also charged with 14 sex offences, including seven rapes, attempted rape and five sexual assaults.
The court heard that the 16-year-old initially agreed to become a Facebook "friend” of Mr Rashid, who used the false name of Adam, after meeting him at a theme park in the Midlands.
Some months later, in November 2009, he phoned and arranged a meeting in Telford. Mr Rashid arrived in a car with a man he introduced as his cousin and invited the girls to travel with them to Birmingham.
Mr Chalk said that the girls were flattered but wary. They pretended that the younger girl needed to be home by 9.30pm because she was babysitting. The men promised that they would bring them back in time. The teenagers were taken to a dirty two-room flat which had a mattress in the downstairs kitchen and a bed with no mattress in the bedroom above.
Mr Chalk described a series of sexual attacks that were allegedly carried out by Mr Rashid and Mr Hussain before more "cousins” and friends arrived "with sex in mind”.

At different times more than a dozen men, "no doubt summoned by the good news” of the girls’ helpless presence, are said to have sought gratification from them. Both teenagers, at various times, were crying and during the night they discussed trying to escape from the flat to walk back to Telford, but they "realised that they didn’t have a clue where they were”.
At one point two men forcibly had sex with the 16-year-old in the kitchen while other men "kept coming downstairs to watch through the glass door”. It made her feel "horrible and upset”.
The girl later told police that she faced "a dilemma — should she do what the men wanted in the hope that they would leave her alone? Or would that just encourage them to come back for more? She felt like she wanted to jump out of the window.”
The case continues.