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Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama Two Faced When it Comes to Religion

February 24, 2012

In recent weeks Muslim Obama has shown his true colors when it comes to Christians beliefs, when he pushed his Obamacare policies that demand that Catholic church go against its beliefs and  teachings and provide contraceptives to all those working for Catholic schools, hospitals or any other Christian places of work or learning. 

Meanwhile Obama shows his love of Islam once again, proving he is really a Muslim, not only in words but actions. His apology to Afghanistan because a Quran was burned only gives Muslims more encouragement to riot and push their evil sharia law in more places. Obama has already sided with the UN in pushing for hate speech crimes. Hate speech which would only be implemented when the speech happens to offend Muslims. Don't worry if you offend Christians or Jews or other faiths, that wont bring about any hate speech charges. 

In many parts of Europe, Speaking out against Islam, simply speaking the truth about Muhammad will get you slapped with hate speech charges. If we allow Obama and his socialist regime to slowly restrict our freedom of speech, then we soon lose all of our freedoms. In Muslim countries, speaking evil or the truth about Islam gets you a rope around your neck, or perhaps you end up losing your head to a sharp blade. 

Burn a Quran and thats considered hateful, but its ok with Obama when Iran and Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries ban and often burn bibles. Our own military was forced to burn bibles as it violated Afghanistan rules demanding that no bibles be allowed in the country. Isn't it time we Americans wake up and realize what Obama is doing to our freedoms? Obama snickers at the constitution. He flaunts his power in ways never seen before by an American president. Its time send his Muslim ass packing. Remember this when you pull that lever in November.