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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Krauthammer: How about an apology from the OIC?

Skewering the double standard. "Krauthammer: When Will Islamic Nations Apologize To Us…," by Josh Feldman for Mediaite, February 24:

Almost everyone in the Obama administration, including President Obama himself, has been apologizing to Muslims all over the world after NATO forces burned copies of the Quran in Afghanistan yesterday. Protests have erupted all over Afghanistan, and over a dozen people were killed in the middle of protests today. On Fox News’ Special Report today, guest host John Roberts focused on the U.S. reaction to the protests, with some strong words being thrown at the Obama administration for its continued apologies.
Charles Krauthammer said it was frankly “embarrassing,” and instead of just being a straight apology to Muslims all over the world, the administration was “groveling to the mob.” He argued all the administration needed to do was just come out with a singular apology from a commanding officer in Afghanistan, and that would have been sufficient. Krauthammer found it especially hard to believe any impetus was on President Obama to apologize, but what bothered him more was what perceived as an international double standard on the need for sufficient apology.

“This is a world in which nobody asked the Islamic Conference, a grouping of the 56 Islamic countries, to issue an apology when Christians are attacked and churches are burned in Egypt or in Pakistan. And had we heard a word from any Islamic leader anywhere about the radical Muslims in Nigeria who are not only burning the churches, but burning women and children who are in the churches, when I hear that, I’ll expect my president to start issuing apologies.” [...]

Krauthammer added that Christians never rioted over Andres Serrano‘s infamous “Piss Christ” photograph, and members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints have not stormed Broadway over The Book of Mormon.
Posted by Marisol on February 25, 2012
Wow isn't this what I said a few days ago. Where is the apology when Christian churches are burned and bibles are burned and where is the apology when Christians are murdered by these same savage Muslims now demanding justice just because their evil book was burned again. Its time to tell Islam we won't take their childish barbaric behavior anymore.