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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tell Lowes not to bow down to Muslim threats and intimidation

As an American, I stand beside Lowes in pulling their adds from the TLC "Muslims in America" program. Just as you wouldn't want to see false advertisements on Television, why would you want to watch a program that presents Islam and Muslims in a less then truthful presentation. Does the show explain Honor Killing, which is prevalent in the Muslim community world wide? Does the show present the truth about the way women are treated under Islam? These are just two of the many views of Islam that you won't find in this made for television program, brought to you by those who practice deception or Taqqiyah. Lowes has every right to pull is advertisements from this program. If you as an American don't agree with Lowe's actions then you can shop at Home Depot or another store. But this is America, not Saudi Arabia. Americans have freedoms to choose. In Islam you don't have such freedoms. Sharia law rules in Islam. Freedom of speech is not allowed. My hats off to Lowes, and I support them fully.