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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Petition to keep Bare Naked Islam Online

As a reader of Bare Naked Islam blog, I was upset to find that has decided not to allow Bare Naked Islam to continue to post to their blog. So I have started a petition on

As an America, I see our freedoms slowly being taken away by Obama and Holder. Muslims don't allow for free speech in Islamic countries. Here in America, free speech is one of our constitutonal rights. That means someone like Bare Naked Islam speaking the truth about the evils of Islam should have a right to continue speaking out on their blog. Support Bare Naked Islam and its right to speak the truth. If we allow BNI to be taken down, then what blog will be next? It could be yours.

Please sign the petition and help to uphold our freedom of speech before the likes Of Obama and Holder and his Muslim friends at CAIR get their way and start shutting down other sites.

to sign click here: