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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Personal Letter to Muslims



Dear Muslims,
I’m so sorry for your pain your suffering,I truly am, My heart is breaking once again as it has so many times before when I think of you,Human beings matter to me so very much that I dont know if I can really express it, But if you have ever had something you cant really describe something like a memory a feeling a knowing of a world where there are no wars no terrorism no tyranny no racism no suicide no murder no rape no genocide no children dying in the streets and no child abuse no torture no domestic violence  no slavery or any of those horrible things
but instead there is life lived to his fullest with love and empathy and mercy and everything that makes life beautiful and worth living fills that world.
Its the world of my dreams the world of my heart and soul the world of my deepest longings,
Its a world I can’t feel or touch or experience outside of my heart and soul but its a world that I know we would people together if only. If only we could all want such a world for each other for our selves our loved ones our friends and even those who would perceive us as there enemy.
 But,,, we all know what Islam teaches about us infidels, kafirs,disbelievers and women, Sure you can lie to others but can you really lie to your own heart and soul? Somewhere inside there surely you must know, That every morning noon and night while your praising that Allah whom you never met for a man named Muhammad whom you never knew, that when you invoke the day of judgment upon me and every other human being who would dare stand with me,,That its evil your invoking against and the Wrath of Allah My God how can you think it righteous to will such evil on another human being I dont understand and I dont think I want to understand,,
And the hatred that continues from there, I have never in my life heard of anything more evil than the eternal evil you and your Islam will weigh on us everyday of our lives, By us I mean the Infidels the disbelievers the pagans the Christians the Jews the Buddhists and on anyone who does not bow and accept a man like Muhammad as a worthy voice of God in this world.
You break my heart every day you hurt me with all your hatred and your lies and your pretense that Islam does no wrong and we do no right.. I am human Im not a monster or a devil or any of the horrible things I’ve been called and I certainly don’t deserve the evil you and your Islam wills for me, and the thing is I don’t believe you deserve it either I don’t think anyone does,, There was a time when I stood alone in my tears as my heart broke from the longing for your love and acceptance just to believe you see me as human equal to you not above nor beneath but equal human like you..
 My heart still breaks and I still weep but I have grown stronger because of the verbal abuses the threats and so forth you and others have given me, I went to you like a lamb innocent and eager to love and be loved eager to work together to build a better world for all humanity..I left you like the lion no longer innocent  , Instead filled with the knowledge of what Islam is really all about and filled also with the rage that goes with that knowledge but A new found strength to stand where once I bowed, Its a lesson I never really wanted to learn I only thought I did because I believed the lies Islam is about peace.
You know as I know Islam discriminates against the disbelievers and the pagans and the Jews and the Christians and the Buddhists and even against the Muslims too, anyone who is accused of disbelief or not being Islamic enough,,,Thats the real reason for all the persecution and the blood shed even between the Sunni and the Shia.. You see the problem is when you give islam a free pass to persecute the disbeliever you forget we are all disbelievers to someone.
I am against slavery ,genocide , murder, tyranny, terrorism, suicide ,torture, rape ,etc I am against all those things for or against Muslims I want to build a world where those things no longer are.
 I stand against Islam for the cause of human rights and I will not bow nor will I submit to any deity or belief system other than my own instead I will stand for human rights and a better world for all.
 I don’t want to hurt you not even with my words at times I feel I cannot bear to stand any longer because I don’t want to cause you anymore pain then you have already known, but then I remember that endless road of victims of  Islam , people human beings of all walks of life all ages all races and nationalities males and females young and old. My God there are so many.. their suffering is perhaps the greatest suffering the world has ever known as even Muslims become a part of that endless road of victims of Islam. I know by my stance.. Islam declares me the enemy of Allah and Muhammad and Islam its self and wills the ultimate evil for me I know many of you who will read this will despise me want me to burn in Islam’s hell where I will be forced to drink boiling pus and on and I hate that evil I hate it so much I’m angry I’m enraged I’m down right mean with my words sometimes ,Sometimes I even wonder for a moment why I would bother standing for any of you as you would probably never stand for me but I love you its as simple as that I love you and the disbelievers…. and I just can’t rest until I find way out of the hell your making for us Yes I know there are Muslim victims of disbelievers too and thats not ok with me either but, we are only ghosts to you, you refuse to acknowledge the victims of Islam even exist , So I stand,,,. I suppose its too much to ask to please stand with me. Stand up and say stop the hate stop the violence stop the persecution of the disbelievers we are all disbelievers to someone!!