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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Madman Feeds Cat To Python and puts Video on youtube

Published by Spencer Hawken on December 5, 2011 in Alternative

A cute Kitten has been eaten by a Python, on in order to get attention on Youtube.

In a bedroom somewhere Christmas spirit is in short supply, even as the sound of The Little Drummer Boy plays out; something sinister is a foot.
A young man in a Santa suit and tights takes kitten Jasmine and lowers her onto a bed, seconds later he releases a python, and as the video plays out the kitten is crushed to death by the python and swallowed whole. But before the video ends, comes the threat “See what’s next!”
It could be a sick movie, but it’s not, it’s a twisted view of one young man’s reality, as he brings his own depiction of “festive” to the world.
The video was uploaded (and shortly after removed) onto Youtube, where tens of thousands turned on to see the appalling site. Authorities did a search on the up-loaders channel, that prior to the clip only contained Disney video’s; and traced it to a property somewhere in Islington, London; although it seems that this was just a redirection, and the original source could be as far as thousands of miles away.
Authorities and members of the public have put screenshots of the room, the event, and the person online and in the press in the hope that someone recognizes something and can identify the sicko, before he comes true on his threat, what could be next on the Pythons menu?

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Let hope one day that python wraps around this sick fucks neck and squeezes hard.