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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Forced Marriages and Honor Killings in Germany

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Welt Online published a highly interesting article yesterday (26 Nov.) with the enlightening headline “Slitting the Throat in the Name of Honor“. We are interested to see sometime in the distant future when it won’t be politically incorrect among just us to say “in the name of Islam” – but, of course, violence against women, forced marriages and murders of (honor) shame have nothing to do with the most Peaceful of all Religions™. Certainly, the fact that this very thing is prescribed and commanded in the Quran and the Hadiths can be traced back to banal errors in translation and interpretation.
(By Michael Stürzenberger)
The examples presented on Welt Online are startling, particularly because they occurred not in Afghanistan or Iran, but right here among us. Following is a small assortment from the islamic horror show in Germany (all emphases by PI):
It borders on a miracle for Serap Y. that her little daughter is alive and well. For in October 2010, her brother Ibrahim Y. sought out the womanwell-advanced in pregnancy at her apartment, threw her on the floor, kicked her in the belly and back and finally laid into her. Because her child came from an extra-marital relationship with a Kurd, she offended the family honor.
In other cases like that of the German Afghan woman Morsal Obeidi, her help came too late. In May 2008, her brother killed the 16-year-old in a backyard in the Hamburg neighborhood St. Georg with 23 stabs of the knife because she had violated all the rules of the Afghan family with her western lifestyle.
All in accordance with Islam. “Kill the one who departs from the religion,” the prophet demanded. It is also erroneous to say that forced marriages result in the name of “honor” but not in the name of the religion:
And forced marriages as well can be attributed as an outcome of this idea of honor. A new study that for the first time examined the phenomenon of forced marriage shows that they are often a precursor to full-blown violence. According to the study, two-thirds of those involved in forced marriages have already been subject to violence in their upbringing.
Violence against recalcitrant women is regularly called for by Islam in Sura 4 Verse 34 (“beat her”). And forced marriages have had a long tradition since Muhammad. The six-year-old Aisha would hardly have been willing to marry the 53-year-old Muhammad. The immensely high rate of violence in Muslim forced marriages according to Welt Online is extremely troubling:
More than half experienced physical violence in connection with the forced marriage. Almost every third individual was threatened with aweapon or murder. In the worst case, such an attack that the culprits commit in an alleged restoration of the “family honor” ends up beingfatal for the woman involved.
For these women, Islam truly means “peace,” then, because in death there can be no more bullying. The message that all of the occurrences of violence, force and murders actually might have something to do with the religion is more hidden in the conveyance of the Welt article:
The patriarchalism is not a phenomenon of the past,” says Heidemarie Grobe of Hamburg Terre des Femmes. “Live according to its traditional pattern of values restricts the free development of many girls even today, and especially that of the female immigrants of Muslim faith living in Germany.” The problems show up at the latest when the issue is that of self-determination and the question of marriage.
Now, in the examples mentioned there is not a single one that can point to non-Muslims:
January 2010: One-and-one-half years after the murder of his cousin, a 21-year-old Syrian from Wuppertal was sentenced to 14 years incarceration. He shot the 20-year-old because her western lifestyle didn’t conform to the moral ideas of the family. The body was discovered in a parking lot by the A45 freeway.
December 2009: A 50-year-old Kurd serving as the string-puller in a murder conspiracy against his 20-year-old daughter has to spend life behind bars. Her brother lured the young Gülsüm into an ambushand, together with his friends, killed her to restore the “family honor.” Gülsüm, from Rees of the lower Rhine region, was to be married against her will, but was no longer a virgin.
September 2009: A 21-year-old Syrian allegedly murdered his younger cousin in Hagen because her western lifestyle didn’t conform to the family’s moral ideas.
June 2009: A 45-year-old Turk stabbed his sleeping 15-year-old daughter. He stated as motive that the girl didn’t “want to follow the Muslim way.” He stabbed the girl 68 times.
February 2009: For the murder of the 16-year-old German-AfghanMorsal, the Hamburg court sentenced her brother to life imprisonment. The young man lured his sister to a parking lot and killed her with 23 stabs of the knife out of rage against her western lifestyle.
September 2006: Because of the murder of his sister, a 25-year-oldTurk in Wiesbaden was sentenced to life. The court saw as proof that he killed the woman with several shots because she had had a relationship with a German.
April 2006: The Berlin district court handed down a juvenile sentence of nine years and three months to an 18-year-old who murdered his sister. German-Kurdish Hatun Sürücü was killed with three shots to the head at a bus stop. The 23-year-old woman who came from a strictly religious family left behind a five-year-old son.
December 2003: For the murder of his 16-year-old daughter, aKosovo-Albanian was sentenced to life. He took his daughter’s life because she would not break off her relationship with a Serbian boyfriend.
These, also, are in no way just the agonizingly contrived “isolated cases,” as one study shows:
Such engagement will also be necessary because the results of the study are alarming according to experts: In 2008, 3443 nationwide (Germany) individuals who had been threatened with forced marriage or were persons affected thereby received counsel.
The hidden numbers are probably much higher. Also alarming is the good degree of integration of those affected:
The noticeable thing is that the affected individuals are reputed to be well integrated. 32 percent were born in Germany, and 44 percent have a German passport. But their future is not in Germany: more than 52 percent of forced marriages take place abroad or are planned there. 43 percent of those affected are afraid of being taken to someplace abroad and having to live there long-term.
Especially startling is the example of what Ceylan Yildrim of East Anatolia had to live through:
In spite of this, she had to make up her school diploma. She constantly fled to shelters for battered women, however, for many years she didn’t feel well about leaving the Turkish husband. Until the day she was at a wedding with him and a strange man made a pass at her. “My husband caused a rage and it ended in a mass brawl. Because he assumed that I as the woman had provoked the situation, he intended to slit my throat before the eyes of 200 people,” Yildirim said. “I survived only because my son defended me. The rest of my family wanted to see me dead.”
In Islam, beheading is a favorite practice, as even this view in the “holy book” shows:
Sura 8, Verse 12: “Truly, I will cast fear into the hearts of the infidels. So cut them in the throat and cut every one of their fingers off.”
Sura 47, Verse 4: “And when you meet the infidels, then off with the head until a massacre has been staged among them; then tie the bonds”
In this fashion, back in the year 627, under the eyes of the prophet, around 800 captured Jews in Medina had to end their terrestrial presence. Allahu Akbar.
The well-known journalist Michael Mannheimer wrote a perfectly outstanding essay regarding the subject “honor killings and Islam” in which he works through the history of misogyny in the Arab world that had already existed before the appearance of Islam but was thoroughly kept up by Muhammad. He did actually put an end to the perverted methods of Arab fathers of burying their partly alive newborn daughters, and to that effect improved the situation of the women who were totally without rights by at least granting them at least half the rights of men. But Islam, however, has remained at this level, and in the modern view is totally unacceptable. And Muhammed expressed contempt for women in many places in the Hadiths, which Michael Mannheimer presents in his essay. He quotes the Iranian feminist Mehrangiz Kar who wrote the following about honor murders in Iran:
“Honor murders are as old as they are patriarchal structures. However, what makes them interesting in the majority of Islamic societies is that the lawgiver of those societies defends murder with reference to quotes from Sharia and Islam.”
Furthermore, he quotes women’s rights activist and author Nekla Kelek who points out the conclusion of an October 2003 conference carried out by the British Council,
“that most of the crimes committed ‘in the name of honor’ were legitimized through Fatwas, Islamic legal opinions.”
Mannheimer also quotes some of the misogynous sayings of the prophet in the Hadiths that shape the view of women to this day:
“I have found no greater misfortune for humanity than women.” 23 and “An evil omen can be found in a woman, a house and in a horse.”
The fact that such unusual views by the 7th century prophet of the Arab Bedouin society should still find respect in modern islamic societies can be seen among other places in the counsel given by Muslim scholars such as the Algerian imam Abdelkader Bouziane who suggested his followers beat their women in the following way,
“so that the infidels are not able to see the results.27 According to the authors, “there are clear indications of how ubiquitous beating is in many Muslim marriages: According to experts, there is a disproportionally great number of women in the Muslim faith who must flee to shelters for battered women.”
Also disturbing is a 1987 sentence from the highest court of appeals in Tunisia, which had the following words:
“Beatings and light injuries to the woman by the husband are part of the nature of a normal life of marriage.”
Mannheimer quotes female Islam scholar Schirrmacher who sees in the islamic religion an important, if not central factor, for the thousands of murders committed yearly in the name of honor:
“A traditional-conservative opinion of the woman’s role based on Islamic values creates, therefore, a favorable climate for control over the woman, for the legitimization and application of violence and, along with it, “honor murder” in a certain fashion.
Necla Kelek, Turkish-born and a social scientist, comes to the following unambiguous conclusion:
“… The perpetrators and victims of “honor” killings are Muslims – regardless of school of thought. And in the Quran and through the prayer leaders is where they find the legitimization for their actions. Sunnis are involved just as much as Alevites and Shiites, not just in the east but in all of Turkey.”
Those who know all of these facts know how to arrange the nebulous statements of islamic representatives in this country properly, who assert in prayer-mill fashion that women hold an equal position in Islam and stereotypically reiterate that honor murders, forced marriages and violence against women have nothing to do with Islam. This hogwash is being believed by fewer and fewer people, since the knowledge is slowly trickling through that fibbing is allowed in Islam so that this religion can be better spread among infidels.