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Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: 2012 Jaguar XJ Portfolio

PJ Media

Photo location: John Dodge mansion, Detroit
When Jaguar of North America informed me that I’d be getting a 2012 XJ Portfolio for review, my first reaction was to engage in some mental bench racing. How would the new XJ compare to the smaller but more powerful XF Supercharged that I tested just about a year ago, and how would it compare to my dearly departed Series III XJ, considered by many Jaguar enthusiasts to be the finest of the traditional XJs. On both counts the 2012 XJ comes out favorably in the comparison.
The XJ Portfolio is the fully equipped normally aspirated version of the XJ. Other than a small handful of options like back seat entertainment and the two available supercharged engines, the test model had just about every luxury, convenience and safety feature that Jaguar offers. With transportation charges, as tested it comes in at just a tick over $82K.
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