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Sunday, July 17, 2011

You can help

Via MSNBC's The Week in Pictures, that heartbreaking shot of 2 year old Aden Salaad might I hope tweak you in the direction of helping out. The caption, which reads as follows, might add to that tweaking:
Two-year-old Aden Salaad looks toward his mother on July 11 as she bathes him in a tub at a Doctors Without Borders hospital, where he is receiving treatment for malnutrition in Dagahaley Camp, near Dadaab, Kenya. U.N. refugee chief Antonio Guterres called drought-ridden Somalia the "worst humanitarian disaster" in the world. His comment came after he met with refugees who endured unspeakable hardship to reach the world's largest refugee camp in Dadaab.
You can indeed help by clicking on any of the graphics below: