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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obama and Reid; Studies in Delinquency


The just wages of leading from behind and voting “present” accrue to Obama:

Lame Duck President

By Sarah Palin | SARAHPAC

Now the President is outraged because the GOP House leadership called his bluff and ended discussions with him because they deemed him an obstruction to any real solution to the debt crisis.
He has been deemed a lame duck president. And he is angry now because he is being treated as such.
His foreign policy strategy has been described as “leading from behind.” Well, that’s his domestic policy strategy as well. Why should he be surprised that he’s been left behind in the negotiations when he’s been leading from behind on this debt crisis?
Thank you, GOP House leaders. Please don’t get wobbly on us now.
2012 can’t come soon enough.
Indeed. The Democrats have been delinquent in their duties since the inception of the 111th Congress, and have as yet to produce a debt reduction plan which can be scored by the CBO in the 112th Congress.
As Ed Morrissey of HotAir notes:
Obama has been boosting the crisis mode with dire warnings about a failure to act, but to this moment has not come forward with any plan to deal with it. Obama and the Democratic majority in the Senate have sat on their hands while Boehner and the House passed two specific plans to deal with the deficit, both of which the Senate rejected. That’s not just “leading from behind,” it’s an abdication of responsibility.
It’s also delinquency; a failure to fulfill his duty. And speaking of delinquents, Ed continues:
… all of the ideas, all of the intellectual work, and all of the energy for deficit reduction has come from the Republicans. Democrats have simply refused to participate in any forward thinking of their own, and have since 2009, when the Democrats passed their last budget resolution. That’s the reason that Obama is a lame-duck President, for all intents and purposes, and for that matter, Reid is thus far a lame-duck Senate Majority Leader.
They’re both just lame.

Obama front loaded spending so he would have billions available for 2011. Now he claims to be the one trying to deal with his drunken spending bash. Most Americans realize it was Obama and his socialist party that forced Obamacare on all of us. That program alone is costing America jobs and adding trillions to the debt. Now Obama wants to push the debt ceiling another Trillion or more. Its easy to spend other peoples money especially when more then 50% of Americans don't pay a dime in taxes. Obama's wasteful bailouts and spending is putting a staggering debt upon our children and their children.  We can no longer allow Obama and his cronies to keep saying we have to pass this bill before we can see whats in it.

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