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Saturday, July 23, 2011

“My childhood Paradise”

Winds of Jihad
by sheikyermami on July 23, 2011

OSLO, Norway (AP) — Norway’s prime minister says an island where 80 people were killed in a massacre was “my childhood paradise that … was transformed into Hell.”
Strange ‘paradise’. A socialist summer camp indoctrination centre for ‘community organizers’. Spending time at a hate Israel, Marxist labour camp doesn’t sound like ’paradise’ to me. Am I the only one that thinks a Government (Party indoctrination) summer camp for kids is creepy?
Note that the media is very careful not to show any faces in the reports from Utoya Island. Yesterday they weren’t so prude when they showed the bloody disaster from the business district of Oslo. (More here)

From Wikipedia, The Island named:
Utøya is owned by the political youth party Workers’ Youth League, which holds a summer camp there.
The Workers’ Youth League or (AUF) is the youth organization affiliated with the Norwegian Labour Party.
AUF was formed in April 1927, following the merger of Left Communist Youth League and Socialist Youth League of Norway. Its ideology is social democracy and democratic socialism.
The Workers’ Youth League is a full member of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) and the Joint Committee of the Nordic Labour Youth Movement (FNSU). AUF is also an observing member of the Young European Socialists (ECOSY).