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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Muslim Illegal Alien on Revoked Student Visa Threatened to Kill Obama

July 27, 2011, - 4:26 pm

By Debbie Schlussel
If you are smart, you will not comment in support of the threats of Muslim Uzbek illegal alien Ulugbek Kodirov, unless you want the Secret Service visiting you. Kodirov, 22, whose 2009 student visa was revoked–and yet he lurked on American soil, expressed interest in assassinating Barack Obama.
“Religion of Peace” Jihadist Sought to Kill President Obama
Kodirov’s threats are of interest to me because he is a great example of the danger of student visa holders in our midst, a danger I’ve warned about a gazillion times and then some on this site. This student visa violating Muslim lived at a Birmingham, Alabama extended stay hotel. Those generally aren’t cheap. I’d love to know who was paying for him to live there and what his source of income was, since student visa holders aren’t legally allowed to work here. Who was helping this jihadist to survive on American soil? Read Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent John D. Osborne.
A 22-year-old illegal immigrant from Uzbekistan was charged today with threatening the life of President Obama after purchasing a machine gun from an undercover federal agent in Alabama.
Ulugbek Kodirov, whose 2009 student visa was revoked last year, allegedly outlined his plan to an FBI informant beginning July 9, according to court documents. In subsequent meetings with the informant, Kodirov expressed interest in assassination plots that included using explosives and “shooting the president from long distance,” the court documents stated.
While living at a Birmingham motel, Kodirov allegedly expressed support for Islamic extremists and told the informant that he “did not care if he lost his life killing the president.”
Kodirov was arrested July 13 after the alleged machine gun purchase, the court documents state.
Although ICE agents caught Kodirov, there are many others like him in our midst about whom we don’t know. As I’ve repeatedly noted on this site, thousands of Muslim alien student visa holders come here, don’t ever enroll and/or attend class, and they disappear in our midst to do their damage. That we catch some of them is mere luck, although in this case, the HSI/ICE agents are to be commended for their hard work and successful investigation.
And that begs another question, why was ICE–not the FBI, the lead agency investigating terrorism–the lead agency in this case? Clearly, our government doesn’t think Kodirov is a terrorist, despite his expressed Islamic extremism and desire to murder President Obama?
If this isn’t a terrorist, who is? Oh, yeah, I forgot–it’s average White guys.