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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ALLEN WEST fans, this one’s for you!


With a sense of enormous pride, I hereby announce the official blast-off of

Operation… ”Meet our next President”

There are still so many people who have never heard of Allen West. This project will change that and make Allen West go viral and become a household name. We will Introduce Allen West to America!

Our Mission for this project is to convince America that Allen West must be on the ballot for 2012. If enough of ‘We the People’ cry out for his leadership, he can’t say no. Serving his country is in his blood.

He must hear the call from hundreds of thousands of citizens for him to run. That means we must introduce him to America. We will use Congressman Allen West’s own words in order to introduce him to the country. His own words will tackle a new issue each week. The issues covered will range from his Pro-Life stance to his powerful understanding that Obama’s governing is destroying the country we all dearly love. The plan below gives you the outline of what you can do, so please follow instructions carefully.

The ‘Subject’ line and the ‘Main body’ of each Email to be sent out has been written and re-written many times to make sure we have the effect that we are shooting for. Please do NOT change the wording.

The Plan

1. On Friday of each week, we will post what’s called a “Quick-Note” to use for both the ‘Subject’ line, and the ‘Main body’ of the emails you will send out.

Here’s an example of what you will copy…

“Subject” line:

Who blames President Lincoln for his Back-Bone

“Main body” of the email:

Quick-note number three of the “This is what leadership looks like” series.

Which future President said this… “Abraham Lincoln said: “Plant your feet in the right place then stand firm.” That’s what I’m doing.”

The one person that will be a strong advocate for the America our Forefathers designed, and will never be moved a single inch, by Marxist threats.

To learn more about this one-of-a-kind leader go here…

When you copy what is to go in the ‘Main Body’ of your email please make sure to leave bold highlights as is.

2. Make sure you email these “Quick-Notes” to everyone you can, and post it on as many Social Networking sites as you can find. If we all do our jobs, the name of Allen West, and the things he believes in, will go viral.

3. Every Friday we will post a brand new “Subject” line and a brand new “Main Body” message to be copied. You can send a new batch of Quick-Notes with a new issue covered.

Aside from your own emailing list, we can help with some places to post Quick Notes online. The bottom of the “Meet our Next President” webpage has an extensive list of places you can post.

Weekly Quick Notes will be posted on the “Meet our Next Presidentpage.


Just a bit of time each day, by everyone, sending emails or posting on websites will produce huge results. Now is the time to Introduce Allen West to America!

Go West!


Visit Allen West for President 2012 at:


Allen West gets my support. We need a leader with a backbone, not one who shoes his backbone by bowing to our enemies. With Allen West in the WhiteHouse, we wouldn't be seeing anymore iftar dinner or outreach programs to Muslims. No more immigration of thousands of Somali Muslims who come here and leach off our welfare system and eventually return to Yemin or other Islamic countries to kill our Service men and women in uniform.  All of America needs a true leader. Not that loser in chief that currently resides in the White House.