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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Israel and the Unholy Trinity

English Defense League

There is an unholy trinity that has come together to bring about what Palestinians shout at their demonstrations ‘From the River to Sea, Palestine will be free!’ It is a tripod of hate from the intellecutally bankrupt Left-wing communists and right-wing fascists and Nazis, supported by Islamists. From the River to the Jordan to the Mediterranean sea Palestine will be established at the expense of the state of Israel. Yet there has never been a state of Palestine, there has never been an Arabic nation based in Palestine, it was invaded in the 7th and 8th Centuries by Arab Islamists seeking to spread their evil ideology to the world. Arabs were offered 80% of the British Palestine Mandate known as Trans-Jordan, but they rejected it. They wanted it all. Ever since, Muslims everywhere have sought and fought to bring about the destruction of the Jewish state.

63 years ago, the dream of Jews around the world came into being. The formation of a homeland for the Jews in their historic and geographic land of origin. Yet despite the size of this nascent nation being insignificant, it was enough for the Islamist Arabs to describe the event as the Nakba - the catastrophe. They launched a frenzied military attack on the new nation and despite the overwhelming superiority in arms, they were thrown back. The State of Israel was born and survived its traumatic birthing.

Despite the efforts of the Islamists and the Political far-left and right to denigrate, demonise and delegitimise the state of Israel, it still remains a free, democratic society in which freedom of thought, religion and politics is still practiced. Despite the lies of being called an apartheid state, Arabs and other non-Jewish Israeli citizens are afforded equality before the law and are given equal access to jobs, education and welfare. Muslims, people sworn to uphold the commands of their prophet and of their amoral book to destroy Israel and the Jews, even sit in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. The rabid desire of the anti-semitic far-left and far-right to see the end of Israel and the dispersal of the Jews from their homeland again, leads them to produce a constant diatribe of outlandish lies, untruths and fabrications that goes far beyond what is normal for a sane, rational human being.

Yet in that 63 years Israel, despite the festering hatred and envy of the Islamists and their allies in the West, has continued to turn the desert it was given into a vibrant, green and productive land. Compare this to the output of the Islamist states around it. Compare the output of Islamic intellectuals to those of the Jews. The Jews have since the inception of the Nobel prizes for intellectual endeavours racked up 181 Nobel prizes, representing 22% of all the prizes awarded. They have been awarded in many different fields from Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics. They have sought to advance human knowledge and benefit humanity as a whole. The Jews as a race world-wide represent 0.2% of the worlds population. Now compare that to the Muslim population of 1.5 billion people or 20% of the world’s entire population. Yet with this huge pool of people to draw upon, Muslims can only muster a little over 6 Nobel prizes. It was a Jew who invented a vaccine against Polio,whilst it was Yassar Arafat who deliberately destroyed any chance of peace and a two-state solution by rejecting the Oslo Peace Accord and was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for doing so. This same Yassar Arafat who in English espoused peace, but in Arabic to his Muslim friends and supporters spoke of annihilating Israel and the Jews.

The Far-Right hate Jews without reason or foundation. The Left hate the Jews because the intellectuals see through the lies of the Left, the Jews are successful in nearly every endevour which compounds the hatred against them.

Before the Jews took back control of their land in Israel, the Arab Islamists had been in control. All that was there was largely useless desert. The few Arabs who lived in the Palestine Mandate did little to make it a better place. Yet within a few short years of Israel’s return, the desert began to bloom. Kibbutzim were set up and orange groves, farms and fruit farms were established. The land was made to be fruitful again. Cities such Tel-Aviv which before had been no more than small dusty towns were turned into modern bustling metropolises that could rival anything that Europe or America could offer.

Yet despite all of these things, the democratic state, equality before the law, the intellectual, economic and scientific contribution to the world. The right and the left in politics have sought to demonise and delegitimise Israel and Jews. The Islamists out of pure blind hatred inspired by islamic scripture and Nazi propaganda continues its efforts to carry on where Hitler left off. Indeed Hitler was such a great admirer of the Islamic stance on the destruction of Jews that he invited the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to Germany to broadcast his vile anti-semitic hatred of Jews to all of Europe. The Islamists in turn loved Nazism and Hitler and have tried ever since to carry on. Indeed, the number one best selling book after the Koran in the Middle East is Mein Kampf. I think there is a scene in George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, in which at the end of the story, one of the characters looks in to the farmhouse where the Pigs - the ruling class, are having celebrations with men for a deal they have signed, and he looks from one to the other, from pig to man and back again, and sees no difference. So it is with the Islamists and the political classes of the Left and Right. They are the same side of the same coin, just that the edges have become blurred over the years from over-use.

David Horowitz, editor of FrontPage Magazine, when trying to give a lecture at USCD was questioned by a Muslimah. Mr Horowitz asked the mentally challenged Muslimah whether she supported the genocide of Jews by Hamas , she refused to answer on the grounds that she would incrimiate herself. The far-left and the far-right support this position as well. They too cannot abide Jews or Israel and work with the Islamists to bring about the destructions of all Jews.

In every sphere of endeavour, Jews are successful. In every sphere but one, Islam is a failure. The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Communists and the Nazis only puts them to shame when held up to the mirror of truth and reason. Jews have fought along side us against tyranny and the evils of Communism and Fascism. Islamists have sided with the Communists and Fascists.

So, when you see the flag of Israel flying amongt the crosses of St. George at an EDL protest, know that it is because we, the EDL, stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Know that we stand with them for reason, for the rule of law, of human rights and the rights of the indiviudal. We stand with them because they stand with us. They have stood with us over the centuries to fight evil and the heavy hand of tyranny. They have helped to maintain civilisation in the face of the evils of Communism, Fascims, Nazism and Islamism. The flag of Israel, with the flag of St George represents a light in the all-pervading hatred of all that thas is good and civilised. Don’t be fooled by the lies of the left, there is no 'Elders of Zion’ conspiracy for world domination by Jews. Judaism by it’s nature is not an evangelising religion. Don’t be fooled by the fascists that the world banking system is controlled by Jews. Just remember that if there are a number of Jews in banking, it’s because Christians in the middle-ages put them there. Christians, when they followed their faith, could not involve themselves in banking (something about charging interest...sound familiar) so they needed people who could do the dirty work. Don’t be niggled by the 'Nazis' who fear Jews.

Stand with EDL and stand with Israel and ignore the anti-semites who would like to see the genocide of the Jews.