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Saturday, January 15, 2011

India: Muslims Rob Hindu Pilgrims, Hindus subsidize Hajj Pilgrims

Left: Kaba, the holiest site in Islam. Right: Hindu Saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Preaching

A group of Muslims plundered buses full of Hindu pilgrims heading towards Mayapur, one of the holiest cities in Hindu tradition. Mayapur is about 80 miles from Calcutta and it is the birthplace of a Hindu Saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Every year, millions of Hindus visit this holy city.

The Muslim Mafias attacked the buses, beat the passengers and looted gold jewelries and cash. It happened last year also. Local Hindus believe that the local Muslim organizations support the gang to weaken the Hindus.

Although, robbers may come from any race and religion, when Muslims rob a non-Muslim, they do so because it was instructed by the prophet of Islam. Mohammed himself looted several caravans and it is permissible for Muslims to rob an idol worshipper. In fact, it is prescribed as a holy act in Islamic books.

Ironically, the government of India spends a substantial amount of money towards Hajj pilgrims. According to Hindustan times, the Ministry of External Affairs admitted to spent US $ 85,348,837 in 2006, US $ 90,697,675 in 2007 and US $ 192,093,023 in 2008. The ministry does not subsidize any other religion.