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Sunday, September 12, 2010

.The Media Submits To Jihadists: No Coverage of Mosque Protest

Though the media was there, they refused to broadcast what they saw. According to Pamela Geller, there were 40,000 people gathered at Ground Zero, most in opposition to building a mosque there. Yet the media chose to censor the protest by ommission. No coverage, no pictures, no sound. Do they think we will change our minds if they don’t cover it? Do they think they are noble and doing the world a favor by not broadcasting the truth?

The media calls the protesters radical, and claims we are fear mongering. But what are they afraid of by not broadcasting the truth? Could it be they are afraid of the real radicals, the Islamic jihadists who threaten us with death and mutilation if we do not submit to their demands? I think that is the case, and it proves what the protesters are saying about the irrationality of building the mosque at Ground Zero.

This a low day for the American media. They are following in the footsteps of Iran, North Korea, and China. They are participating in the intentional censorship of legitimate protest, and America can no longer boast of Freedom of the Press.

From David Horowitz NewsReal Blog: