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Friday, September 24, 2010

Letter to WELT: Sarrazin Deserves Respect

Politically Incorrect Blog:

Honored Ladies and Gentlemen, Editors of die WELT, “I do not want the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be in large parts Muslim, that Turkish and Arab are spoken in large areas, that women wear head covering and the daily routine is determined by the call of the muezzins”, Sarazin writes. Because of such statements, you are dragging this man through the mud, who simply out of courage dares to bring such unpopular truths — that have already ruined his career so far — to the public and deserves the greatest respect?

(Open letter from Le Waldsterben to the WELT Editors)

Therefore, I would like, in any case, for the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be for the greater part agnostic-Christian-atheist-Jewish-or-what-ever-else-there-might-be, but in absolutely no way a victim of this monstrous mono-culture called Islam that has so far kept any country where it rules at a pitiful Stone Age level — economically and morally, and especially in relation to the human rights in force in those places.

I would like for the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren that German will be spoken over broad areas. As an aid, English would be OK. Otherwise, I can’t understand what is being said, and this is my homeland. Shouldn’t I be able to understand what’s being said? And if I should one day emigrate to the US, what would I do there? Wouldn’t I endeavor to improve my English? Or will I expect Americans ultimately to please learn German, and write “racism” when a US authority dares to put a form in front of my face in their language?

I would like the women in the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to wear long dresses, shorts, mini-skirts, long pants, bikinis, dirndls, and in my opinion even pantsuits or whatever occurs to them — but there are two things I absolutely do not want to see on them, and indeed for the selfsame reasons: SS bands and headcoverings.

And if the muezzins would call, “Dear immigrant, come to this land. Get rid of archaic family structures. Integrate. Learn the language of the land. Treasure your children’s education. Take the opportunity to realize your goals, regardless of what you do. Ladies can be in leadership positions, instead of standing before the stove. You can be gay instead of marrying four wives. And if you would like to be a Geman slob, then it’s allowed here. Even men.” … then I would be able to bear these sounds that bring to mind more of a comparison with a loud-ringing bell than a shout.

But, instead, the muezzin calls: if you dare to do one single item of these things, you are guilty of death.

Then he calls: Allah is the greatest. And in turn, he has expressly forbidden everything that I have named as examples here. And yet much, much, much more.

Really anything that a free society is made of.

And he is even proud of threatening offenses in this “holy” book with punishments that only a psychopath could only do with great effort.

And for this, I would write on the Sarrazin’s side, if I would possess his courage:

- yes, precisely that, indeed, which is in the first paragraph.

In addition, I would like to write something else: Old rags like you who think themselves to be Journalists of Quality, may you be cursed!