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Friday, September 24, 2010

Frankfurt: Funeral March for Free Speech

From the Politically Incorrect Site:

Dr. Thilo Sarrazin moves the people. In Frankfurt, a citizens’ movement has been founded on “Wer kennt wen” (who knows whom) and “Facebook” that — independent of political groups and parties — has announced a funeral march to the German Bundesbank under the slogan “for the freedom of speech.”

The following call is coursing throughout the Internet:

We citizens are mourning our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech that is being trampled under foot by our government, it’s institutions and politicians! We regret the witch-hunt being carried out against our compatriot Dr. Thilo Sarrazin.

We regret that we are not allowed to express real grievances and problems without being defamed, fired or indeed attacked personally!

We want to thank you Dr. Thilo Sarrazin, for your courage and your honesty!

The “Free Voters of Frankfurt” also stand with Sarrazin. In their press statement it says:

For if people in Germany have to count on occupational disadvantages and public ostracism — whether in word or in writing — by the Chancellor, the Federal President, parties and greater parts of the media, then the step to a factual dictatorship of opinion is no longer far away.

It is nice to see that citizens like PI and other groups join together independent of political discussion forums and publicly act on behalf of free speech. Dr. Sarrazin has the majority of citizens behind him — no associations. This is something new in our country. This is something of which our elected government and the federal president presently can only dream.

Please support this demonstration with your personal participation as citizens of the country, or announce as soon as possible a demonstration likewise in your own city or community. Write to your nearest PI group and get active.

This same freedom of Speech is now being attacked here in America. Why do you think Obama wants to take control of the Internet? Obama would love to silence Fox news, silence the tea party folks. CAIR is pushing for Hate Speech Crimes. If we don't stand up for our freedoms, we too will someday be marching in a funeral for our lost freedoms.