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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Calling Karl Rove to Slam Lisa Murkowski

By Quin Hillyer on 9.18.10 @ 12:33PM American Spectator

Excuse me, sir, Mr. Rove, may I ask a question? When are you going to go on TV and criticize Lisa Murkowski? Here was a lady who swore she would abide by the decision of primary voters, and then didn't. That makes her a liar. Here is a lady who spent an entire announcement speech without a SINGLE mention of principle. Her only argument was that she is somehow more for Alaska than anybody else and that the sainted (and ethically challenged) Ted Stevens was her friend. Nice work, that: claiming an endorsement from a recently dead man who no longer can speak for himself. Where I come from, that's smarmy. It's like Jesse Jackson going on TV wearing clothes that he claimed were covered in MLK's blood.

So if you, Mr. Rove, are so concerned with the Repubilican brand and so concerned with Republicans winning back the Senate, why aren't you out there blasting Murkowski? Inquiring minds want to know. Inquiring minds urged caution about O'Donnell but didn't go on the air trashing her in the nastiest of terms after she won. Inquiring minds realized that was counterproductive. Now inquiring minds want to know why there is a double-standard so that conservatives (even ones with baggage) who upset the apple cart continue to be trashed after they are the party's nominee, while liberal Republicans who upset the apple cart in order to screw over the Republican nominee get a free pass. These are the same inquiring minds who rushed to your defense, based on principle and the facts, when NOBODY else did, when you were falsely accused of digging for sexual dirt on former Alabama governor Don Siegelman. Without thanks from you, I might add, and without you ever returning phone calls. These are the same inquiring minds whom you treated rudely on another important occasion BEFORE the inquiring minds rushed to your defense -- again, rushing to your defense on principle and on facts DESPITE being treated rudely by you and despite the fact that you wouldn't return phone calls. Inquring minds, Mr. Rove, want to know if your anger ever extends to Republicans to your left? And if you ever, ever can or will acknowledge that some of your decisions and advice led to the situation in which conservatives have rightly felt so abandoned that they rally around even flawed vessels in order to send a message that business as usual in the Beltway must stop?

Inquiring minds want to know if you really are a party builder, or just an "architect" of a party for insiders. What's more important -- the insiders' club, or the party -- or, better yet, of the philosophical movement that carried your man to victory in two elections without getting much thanks or action in return?

Some of us, Mr. Rove, are appreciative that you are raising a ton of money that is going to be used to help elect more conservative candidates over less conservative candidates in the general election. But we don't understand why you give such short shrift to the ground troops, the grassroots citizens with no interests in jobs or favors but merely a love of country, who are doing even more for the cause now than your vaunted (and deservedly praised) micro-targeting did in 2000 through 2004. And why can't you use your platform to blast the heck out of the SPecters and Murkowskis of the world who stick a knife in the back of the party to which they swore allegiance? Where is your voice when it's needed in those circumstances?

These questions are respectfully laid before you, with a hope that you will see the light and with a sincere gratitude for some of the good things you have done, by a seriously inquiring mind.