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Friday, August 27, 2010

Imagine That, Taxpayer Funding of the Ground Zero Mosque?

After reading Pamela Gellers column concerning the possible funding of the Ground Zero Mosque using New York Tax dollars, I posted this reply.

Nothings surprises me anymore since Imam Obama took control of the White Mosque. Sending Rauf and Daisy overseas at taxpayers expense. Michelle Obama spending time at a Mosque in Spain. Whens the last time Queen Michelle spent time in her own religions church? Or perhaps she has also converted to Islam since she can no longer listen to the Rev. Wright praising the perpetraitors of 9/11 and cheering to the crowds, about chickens coming home to roost.

Spending millions to repair Mosques in foreign countries. What about funding the repairs of Christian churches right here in America. Im sure that there are many Catholic and Protestant churches that could use some fixing up but under todays weak economy, can't fund the repairs.

Wait till New Yorkers hear about this Pamela. Talk about throwing gasoline on a fire. It wouldn't surprise me to know Bloomberg is behind the possible funding with tax dollars. That jackass said were all Muslims. Well Bloomberg best be speaking for himself, because most Americans and New Yorkers don't feel the same way. Bloombergs lips are turning brown from all that Muslim ass kissing he and Imam Obama have been doing.

Isn't it strange that Bloomberg is uppity for the Muslims, but I haven't heard a peep from him about shinning the lights on the empire state building in honor of Mother Teresa. But then Mother Teresa wasn't a Muslim. the whole thing sucks.

Click this link to read the Pamela Geller post: