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Saturday, August 28, 2010


On Saturday morning, a special unit of police raided an apartment building in Nalchik, the capital of North Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkaria and killed five Islamic militants. They were behind the Moscow metro bombing that killed 40 people and wounded many.

In a separate incident, another four were killed in the same province.

In Dagestan, five more Muslim terrorists were killed but unfortunately an officer also died in the shoot out.

In the Novolaksky region of Dagestan, the head of the election commission Suleiman Gadzhimuadov was shot in the chest by a group of intruders. He died later in the hospital.

The federal security chief Alexander Bortnikov reported that more than 30 Muslim terrorists have been killed so far in this month.

Most of the Muslim militants belong to a group led by warlord Magomedali Vagabov, who was the prime suspect behind the Moscow metro bombing. He himself was killed last week and the Russian authorities are tried to weed out the rest of the militants.

Russia’s mainly Muslim North Caucasus republics, mostly Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia are considered a haven of Muslim terrorists. The militants like to establish an Islamic empire across the North Caucasus.

Russia has been fighting with Muslim terrorists for the last 15 years.

Recently, Dagestan’s leader visited President Dmitry Medvedev and asked for more forces in this state.

The continuous attacks on the terrorists by Russian security forces have decreased the terrorists’ attacks in Chechnya but they are spreading in other areas. The terrorists are now moving towards the Black sea resort region of Sochi. Sochi is going to be very important place in 2014 as it will host the Olympics.

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