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Saturday, December 19, 2009

To the American People, "Screw You"

If you were paying attention on Saturday morning, You know by now that Socialist Senator Ben Nelson says he's ok to vote now for the Socialist Senators Obamcare bill. I say Socialist because I don't see any Republicans voting in favor of the current bill. Ben Nelson is selling out most Americans just so he looks good to his constituients in Nebraska. I hope those in Nebraska realize what Nelson is doing is wrong. He's selling out our free choice to healthcare by signing off on a backdoor deal that he and Harry Reid along with his Socialist cronies worked out overnight. All along the way, the Socialist have been making deals to get the needed votes to continues to move this boondoggle of a bill forward.

Nelson says he's ok with whats in the Senate bill. So much Bullshit mister Nelson. You know fully well that any words denying tax funding abortions will be taken out as the bill moves to both houses for debate. What will you do then Mr. Nelson? Maybe ask for more taxpayer funding for your state at the expense of the rest of America. Shame on you Ben Nelson, You should be hanged by the neck for treason. Your a traitor to the freedoms that all Americans have a right to. Healthcare isn't a right. Its a choice of the individual.

God Damn Ben Nelson and his Socialist Communist party, God Bless America

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