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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Matthews was right, West Point is the Enemy Camp to Obama

Once again I found myself checking out the topics on the David horowitz NewsReal Website.  One of todays topics is about Chris Matthews Apology to the Men and Women of West point.

I left the following comment:

In a way Matthews was right.  West point is the enemy camp for Obama and his Socialist, Communist party. When soldiers in battle or those at West point, see what actions their Commander and Chief has been making, they have to consider Obama unwelcome.

Prosecuting Navy Seals who captured jihadists that killed four Americans and then burned and dragged their bodies through the streets and finally hanging them over a bridge for all to see. What was the charge? well supposedly one of the terrorist got a bloody lip. Geez thats almost as bad as waterboarding. Obama could easily stop that prosecution, but does nothing.

Next Obama and his socialist Attorney General, Eric Holder decide it will be a nice Christmas present to the city of New York by bringing the 9/11 perpetrators to New York for trial. Everyone knows especially our fighting men and women know that the real purpose of the coming show trial is to put America and George Bush on trial.

Our troops have watched Obama make trip after trip to foreign countried and apologize for what Obama calls Americas past faults. That so BS, America has been the savior of many of those same countries that Obama was apologizing to. America bailed out Europe, Freed the Iraqis from a tyrant, Fought to prevent the Imperial Armies of Japan from taking control of Asia. For all of this Obama continues to apologize.

When General McChrystal asked for 60,000 or more troops for Afghanistan, Obama fiddled around for 3 months and then finally uses a photo op to announce he is sending only 30,000 and none will arrive till next year. I doubt the men and women at West Point were happy to be part of Obama’s Photo op.

Matthews apology is so shallow. He screwed up once again by shooting off his big fat mouth before ever thinking of what garbage was coming out. The damage is done, but since Matthews works on one of the Obama networks, he doesn’t have to worry about being canned. Im sure he will continue to show his love of Obama even while the American people are showing their disgust with him.

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