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Saturday, November 14, 2009

We have a Traitor in the White House

David Horowitz NewsReal website posted the following comment.  What The Heroes of Flight 93 Could Teach Obama If They Sat Together On a Plane.  I had to leave this following reply:

Obama is claiming the actions by Major Hasan, a worrior for Allah cannot be considered an act of terrorism since Major Hasan acted alone. That reasoning is so clueless. Does Obama then consider a Jihadist Suicide bomber that acts alone to also not be a terrorist act? Obama was all over the Middle east giving his apologies to millions of muslims. Will Obama soon apologize to the millions of Americans for his foolish conclusions? I doubt that he will. I know he won’t. Deep inside Obama feels no sorrow for those soldiers that died at Fort Hood. Obama hates the military just as Bill Clinton did. Its a shame we have a traitor as president of the United States. America has fallen to a new low.


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